Resurrecting The Book Haunt

How do I bring The Book Haunt back from the dead?

A lot has changed since my last post—mostly my career. Free time has become harder to find, and is more precious than anything once I stumble upon it. But with the onset of fall, the little voice of resurrecting this little spooky book hub whispers incessantly.


So, The Book Haunt is back in action, but there are will be some changes.

  • First, and foremost, I will no longer be taking books for review. Instead, I will be doing “Review Roundups”: one post for every two to four shorter books I’ve read. These books will be my own discoveries and purchases—ones I think others should know about. For longer books, there will be entire blog post reviews.
  • Second, there will be something of a shift in focus.
    While I love weird genre fiction, my own reading habits are tending toward folklore, witchcraft, psychology, and death-related topics these days. The books I review will generally fall within these families.
  • Third, there will be a folklore extension. I will be spending more time researching folklore and doing write-ups when I can. Overall, I’m hoping this feeds into the conversation about the role of the book in the preservation of stories.
  • Fourth, and with all that said, I am still receptive to reviewing the rare book (that I have not found myself) that deals with any of the aforementioned topics. (I’ve currently got a book on Slavic mythology to review that I’m very excited to read.) If you think your book is genuinely something that falls on my radar, feel free to shoot me an email
  • Fifth, and lastly, The Book Haunt will begin reflecting more of my love for books in a more dynamic way. Interviews with authors, publishers, and other industry professionals will hopefully be part of this venture, among other topics.

The name of the game is to make this sustainable, and doing this on an as-I-can basis is the way to make that happen.

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